Haniotis Konstantinos


Mr. Konstantinos Haniotis holds an MSc in Economics from London School of Economics.

He started his career in 1985 as Investment Banker..

In 2000 he created Telenavis, as a start up in the emerging field of Geographical Information Systems, and Telematics. He is President and Managing Director, since 2000.  He has participated in a number of projects in GIS and ITS, in Greece and Europe.

He is President of Telenavis S.A., President of HILME (Hellenic Institute of Logistics and Management) Vice President of ITS Hellas, member of the Board of Directors of  the European Logistics Association.

He has also served and contributed as an expert to a number of Greek and International bodies, as :

To the Greek Ministry of Transportation in creating and forming the Greek Strategic Planning for Intelligent Transports Systems.

To the Greek Ministry of Research in defining the potential fields for innovation in Mobility and Logistics

To the EU project under EASME-COSME “Big Data and B2B platforms: the next big opportunity for Europe”

To the Steering Committee fot the development of ICT-innovative projects between Greece – Egypt and Cyprus.

To the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities and Ambassador of the UAM Initiative in Greece.